3DFactory is a dynamic boutique architectural design & 3d rendering service in Christchurch, New Zealand focussed on innovative design led by client interaction.

Developed by Darren Paddock in 2013, our factory-inspired framework cuts convoluted costs and timeframes, replacing them with smart outputs which accurately reflect your project’s needs.

Whether it be a dream project to persuade investors, a stunning 3d render to show your next door neighbour, or a council requirement that helps communicate your design, we love a challenge.


Communication in Marketing is key to any sales strategy and is the forefront of the ‘business to client’ relationship.

3DF believe it is at this point that business’ can truly show off their products and enhance the customer experience.

From simple designs and styling alterations through to complex site planning, building and resource consents, 3D Factory offer all the services of a residential architecture firm in one clear, concise package. Teamed with a transparent pricing system and project management, we deliver the design and documentation you need – without the extras you don’t.

3d imaging has now become a necessity to any development or design, meaning clients want to feel the full experience before investing in any project. We are at the cutting edge of the design market using the latest in 3d rendering & architectural design software and technology to optimise production

We endeavour to optimise marketing efficiency and increase sales through providing not only photo-realistic 3D rendering but to present a lifelike experience as if one were already there. By maximising ones marketing accuracy through 3d rendering, companies can feel confident that prospective clients have a total understanding in exactly what they will receive.


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